FOSTAG Quality Concept

Everything we do at FOSTAG is governed by an understanding for quality. We have developed the FOSTAG Quality Concept (FQC) to ensure maximum quality at all times. To guarantee customers the perfect mould, all procedures are subject to stringent quality control. The FQC only has one objective: to ensure customer satisfaction by providing maximum profitability and reliability of the moulds and products

FQC in the production process:

  • Stringent and consistent quality checks in all work procedures
  • Continual optimisation of all processes
  • Intensive employee training
  • Regular project reviews
  • Absolute customer orientation
  • Comprehensive service

FQC outcomes:

  • Maximum availability of injection moulds
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Extreme precision for even the most complex applications
  • Long mould service life
  • Professional service and support after delivery