• FOSTAG is dedicated to detail
    to provide you with the ideal mould for
    profitable productio


Our production facility is designed for high performance throughout. We provide an excellent basis for perfect results with modern machinery and skilled employees who receive regular training. The moulds are produced according to a precise schedule: Agreements are kept, each step in the process is checked and recorded. This results in ongoing transparency for the customer.

We only use steel of the highest quality for manufacturing our moulds. All mould inserts and plates are manufactured as completely interchangeable. Immaterial whether it's complex cavity moulds or stack moulds, we always produce high-performance products with a long service life.

Reliable quality control
To ensure quality we apply state-of-the-art measuring methods and use the most precise measuring equipment available.

In-house hot runner system
FOSTAG operates its own advanced hot runner system, which ensures the fol¬lowing advantages: excellent temperature control, rapid colour change and suitability for complex materials, for example POM, COC, PVC, etc.